How to download a purchased extension

I have bought the UDP Server-extention. (
I receaved the payment informations but I didn’t get a downloadlink.
Best regards!

i send by email extension

I want to get GmailUtil extension. I live in Turkey.Turkey has no membership in paypal. If there is no other payment method, I would appreciate it if you send one gift: D
Best Regards

you can send bitcoin to 3BrVBPHVe939PV2TMaaC4vgaL3yrpwrYMo

or this link

Hi Andres
This link belongs to the extenson side bar. I want to get Gmail Utils Extension.
Could you send me a link to that product?
Best Regards

you can Paid this link i send gmail utils

if it is in pending status tomorrow I think the payment will be confirmed when this happens I send the extension my whatsapp +57 3176732214

can you mail me the extension

yes i send extension thanks

Hi Andres,I just bought the extension MQTT TCP/IP, could you send by email please, thanks!

hello friend welcome , i send extension